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Transmission & Distribution

In the West African region, the transmission and distribution grid serves as the silent backbone of progress, carrying electricity from power plants to illuminate homes, businesses, and entire communities.As West Africa continues to grow, the T&D network plays a critical role in powering a brighter future for all.

Major players and market trends

In the West African transmission and distribution sector, key industry players are driving advancements in grid modernization, renewable energy integration, and the adoption of smart technologies. 

Regional initiatives like the West African Power Pool (WAPP) are fostering collaboration and facilitating cross-border electricity trade. This collaborative approach, coupled with investments in T&D infrastructure, holds the promise of a brighter energy future for the entire region.

Challenges and opportunities

The World Bank estimates that over 20% of electricity generated in West Africa is lost during transmission and distribution (World Bank - Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Sub-Saharan Africa).

However, the increasing focus on renewable energy sources and the implementation of energy efficiency measures are influencing the market dynamics.

These advancements pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape in West Africa, with a more robust and efficient T&D grid playing a central role.

At Nigeria Energy

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