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Product Sectors at Nigeria Energy

Renewables & Clean Energy

The Renewable energy mix in Nigeria is dominated by Hydropower contributing up to 63% of the total renewable energy sources. Renewable energy technologies are a constant challenge for governments, utilities and private projects, however through increased digitisation, retrofits and hybrid approaches progress is being made. Embracing other renewable sources such as biomass and solar, Nigeria is emerging to be one of the most attractive solar energy markets in the region, to increase electricity and bolster energy security in Africa’s most populous country. 

Back-up Generators & Critical Power

Power generation in Nigeria is one of the biggest markets in the country. National electrification stands at 60% of the population, leaving 16 million households without access. to electricity from the national grid making generators an imperative part of people's lives. According to estimates, West Africa has the highest share of power generated from backup generators at 40 percent of annual consumption, highlighting the high dependence on backup power. Investment is this field is needed to increase reliability and provide power generation solutions.

Energy Consumption & Management

Rising electricity needs, especially in Africa, require major development and reliability which will be shaped by progress in improving power infrastructure, within and across borders. Electricity storage in the coming decade seeks high investment to adapt to the latest technology to successfully integrate into traditional energy infrastructure and service electricity demand around the clock. 

Transmission & Distribution

Investment needs for transmission and distribution (T&D) range from USD 270 billion to USD 400 billion in Africa. The bulk of this investment is for domestic transmission as opposed to international connections. The solution for lowering the cost of T&D is looking at investing into alternative power methods such as renewable-promotion scenarios in countries and regions such as Nigeria.

Smart solutions

Smart solutions for rising electricity needs, particularly in Africa, are pivotal for enhancing power infrastructure and ensuring reliability across borders. In the coming decade, significant investment in innovative technologies will be essential to meet the demand for electricity storage and integrate seamlessly into existing energy frameworks. These smart solutions aim to optimize energy utilization, facilitate efficient distribution, and enable continuous service provision to meet electricity demands around the clock.


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