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Industry Reports

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, insights, challenges, and solutions in Nigeria's, West Africa's, and Africa's energy industry with our comprehensive industry reports. Our reports cover key developments providing you with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the game.

Why Nigeria?

Discover the opportunities and challenges in Nigeria's energy sector with a focus on investment potential and government initiatives in this report.

This report covers:

  • Nigeria's ranking in ease of doing business
  • Taxation policies for companies in Nigeria
  • Government initiatives to improve energy access and sustainability

West Africa's energy outlook report

Get an overview of energy challenges and investment solutions for power systems in 16 West African nations.

This report covers:

  • Analysis of the energy sector in 16 West African countries
  • Investment outlook and funding sources for energy projects
  • Overview of power generation, transmission & distribution, backup generators and renewable energy in the region

Nigeria's lithium boom: Powering the battery industry 

Discover Nigeria's potential to drive economic growth and sustainability in the battery industry through its journey into the lithium market.

This report covers:

  • The historical evolution of the mining industry in Nigeria, shedding light on the significant role mineral mining played in the country's economy.
  • The journey towards battery production in Nigeria
  • Challanges and opportunities facing the battery industry

The rise of solar home system in West Africa

Learn about the transformative potential of solar home systems (SHS) in West Africa and the critical factors shaping their future.

This report covers:

  • SHS impact on rural electrification in West Africa
  • Business and deployment models for SHS affordability
  • Influence of mobile money services on SHS payment models

The renewable roadmap report

Explore a long-term perspective to 2050 guided by The International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) World energy transitions outlook.

This report covers:

  • Analysis of renewable energy deployment potentials up to 2050
  • Opportunities for sustainable growth and development
  • Recommendations and findings focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The role of gas in Nigeria's energy transition 

Discover how gas can play a crucial role in Nigeria's energy transition with this resource that provides an overview of its potential as a transition fuel.

This report covers:

  • Nigeria's large proven gas reserves and their potential economic benefits
  • The importance of gas in Nigeria's energy transition due to energy access issues
  • Nigeria's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its international commitment to combat climate change