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Empowering the Future of Nigeria's Power Market

Drive sustainable finance for Africa’s most populous country and third-largest economy

Why invest in Nigeria's energy market?

In a market where demand far outstrips the current supply, Nigeria presents attractive investment opportunities within various sectors including Gas, Hydropower, Solar, Biomass, Wind, and others. Endowed with resources in both renewable and non-renewable energies, the country constitutes plausible solutions to address existing power shortages and promote the drive by the Federal Government to increase current installed capacity of the country significantly by the year 2030 and beyond.

Closing in on Nigeria’s future energy demand gap, the continent has one of the highest untapped renewable energy potential and could benefit from the changing financial landscape.

New for this year, Nigeria Energy Investors Club will bring together investors from the Middle East and Africa and aims to drive sustainable finance for Nigeria and help move the energy projects forward. Stay tuned for more updates!

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